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This site aims to share with you original and unconventional methods of aquaria. Fishkeeping methods in the aquarium hobby varies for different regions in the world, just like the different ways people in regions cook and prepare food. This is due to a difference in climate, water supply, technology and tradition. Some aquarists like to keep their fish in a bare tank with prestine water filteration, others prefer to create a natural setting with aquatic plants and aquascape. Some people prefer to feed their fish as many times as they can, as much as their fish can eat, others believe in mimicking nature where fish don't get to eat to their fullest every day and even skip a day of feeding in regular intervals. Some people like to feed their fish scientically balanced fish food, others like to feed live feeder fish. Some people worry live feeders carry diseases and parasites, others believe they can slowly build up resistance and become more hardy.

The bottomline is that is no right or wrong way, and everything has their own pros and cons. If I can only give one advice, it is to always see things from different perspectives. If someone tells you they do something in a different way (be it in a fish shop, public aquarium or even in an online forum), try to see the concept behind it and understand why it works for that guy. Like the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat. If you dismiss all methods that is different from your own way of doing things, then at the end of the day you have learnt nothing. If you can understand the how and why of the different ways, then you can find the way most suitable for you, and even finetune it to greater effect.

As a substantial volume of our materials are researched from non-english sources and contains information gleaned from very experienced but unfortunately non-english speaking aquarists, there may be minor errors in interpretation of the verbal communication or translation of documents in isolated cases. There is also a section based on feng shui, which some people regard as baseless beliefs but yet followed like an art/science by others. Therefore, USE ALL INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK. Neither we nor any contributors to this website can be held responsible if your fish turns belly up or if your spouse leaves you. :D

People who contributed to this website includes those who have kept and bred fish for decades. In fact some are commercial fish breeders who have never got the chance to get formal education but yet are handling successful aquaria operations due to knowlege passed down from their forefathers. Here, we try to keep that spirit of sharing alive. If you have something to share, then please contact us!

Happy Fishkeeping!


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2. Marine section may not be updated anymore due to difficulty in translation. If you are a billangual marine tank enthusiast with a good command of Chinese-English or Japanese-English please contact us.


Aquarium facts & myths

Scientific research often overthrow its theories as more research is made. What science tells you to do today often becomes what science tells you to avoid doing tomorrow. New discoverys are very fickle! The main reason behind this fickleness is three words.. 'fame and fortune'. A new theory or a new product either spells fame or fortune or both. As a result, people rush to lay claim to them before extensive research and long term monintoring. I encourage you too take new discoverys with a pinch of salt and where possible, follow traditional methods that have withstood the test of time.

It doesn't mean that traditional methods defy science. In fact, science can often effectively explain the logic why certain methods are used. Sometimes science can explain it fully, while other times, only partially. And sometimes, there are even some things that science could not explain at first, but later through analysis and 'breakthroughs', suddenly see the light and behind it. Look at what herbs chinese physicists use to treat diseases. Often science could not explain why certain herbs are good for curing certain diseases. In fact, it could only say that consuming this herb is not harmful to human. However after years of research, suddenly science discovers that a special compound is able to treat certain disease and a large portion is available in that herb! So they extract the chemical and make it into tablets. This same thing happens with aquarium science. One minute activated carbon is touted as the best solution, another minute more research is done and suddenly it is not. There are lots more examples but we will try to cover them systematically.

The purpose of highlighting this phenomenon is to let you know that you shouldn't be too quick to accept new scientific discoveries, nor discard old wisdom like they passed their expiration date.

New Fishkeeper Crash Start

If you have just bought fish on impluse and you are not prepared at all, this is where you go for a crash course. Instructions are clear and concise, short and sweet.


General Fishkeeping Archives

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This section may be covering general fishkeeping, however there are also many gems hidden in the articles that would probably make your life easier or help you do things better.

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Advanced Fishkeeping Archives

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