Fish Disease and Treatment

Many people have the concept that the aquarium is a sterile and safe environment, and that safety seal is temporary opened when you add new fish and plants into it. After that if your fish continues to be fine and healthy, then no baddies like disease or parasites or bacteria has breached the castle, until the next time you introduce new fish into your aquarium.

In fact, that concept is very wrong!

All fish carrys bacteria/parasites on their body, and indeed all aquariums contains harmful bacteria and parasites. This is the same case as us humans. We carry millions of bacteria and parasites (ie dust mites) on our hair and skin. We pass them around when we come into contact with one another and when we come into contact with the things around us. Look at our cash and coins. They change hands from one person to another. Along the way, it has definitely ever come into contact with even strongly contagious diseases. And they never gets washed! When is the last time you wash your dollar notes? And do you know there are people who put coins in their ears until they need to use them? In fact, the only time money gets a rinse is when someone accidently drops them into the toilet bowl, after with the cleaner digs it out with his mop that he use to clean the toilet bowls as well as the taps you wash your hands with. Ok I think we've sidetracked enough, but I guess you get the idea. Humans and fish actually lives with bacteria and parasites as part of our everyday life.

These bacteria and parasites are kept in check from doing the harm they are capable of by our body's and our fish's own defense mechanisms. They are harmless unless the conditions becomes favourable for them, thats when they can cause serious trouble.

Look at humans, our defense is down when we suddenly put ourselves in very cold environment without proper clothings. We can also get infections when we get physically wounded.

For fish, they are also very similar.

Fish's defense is down when:

If left untreated, a sick fish acts as a fertile base for these bacteria/parasites to multiply in large numbers. As a result, the infection gains power and this infection then spreads to other tank mates. Over time, your tank becomes a death trap killing everything in it.


Disease prevention

Prevention is better than cure, and these words of wisdom are never more true then when it is applied to fishkeeping. When you get a disease, the first headach is identifying the disease. A wrong identification will not only waste your time and money in giving it the wrong treatment, it may even make matters worse. Other than that, medication can harm your biological filter, and it can can trapped in your porous filter media, permanently wrecking them.

If you didn't skip the section above, you'll know that the best way to fight the war against terror is to keep your fish in their best conditions and help their immunity systems do what they do.



1. Ensure the water condition is kept to the ideal level.



2. Don't accidently add already sick fish into your aquarium.


To spot sick fish in the fish shop, sick fish usually have the following symptoms




Disease Treatments

Common diseases that happen to aquarium fish are



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