Aquarium Plant Species Database

Aquatic plants not only makes nice tank decorations, they also help to give your fish a more natural and interesting environment to explore and play in. I think it is cruel to keep any living animals in a bare tank. It would be like living in a padded cell (not that I have personal experience).

Other than beautifying the aquarium, aquatic plants also helps to provide extra oxygen to the water through photosynthesis. Some plants are also good nitrate absorbers.

This section covers some common aquarium plant species in identification and upkeep as well as special requirements.

water hyacinth
water lettuce
water sprite

The above are plants suitable for fish tanks and fish ponds. If you are interested in keeping a specialised planted aquarium (planted tank/natural aquarium), you have a lot more choices because you would be able to go into a proper fertilisation dosing regime, CO2 injection etc which is a whole different ball game.

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