Fighting Fish (bettas)

One of the joys of fishkeeping is to see your fish breed, and to bring up their offspring from fry to adult fish looking like their parents. While it is very hard to breed most other fish, it is very easy to breed fighting fish. If you do not have this experience, try it!

Fighting fish are very hardy, the main reason is because they are able to process atmospheric air like we do. As a result, they are often housed in small water containers that have no aeration. You may think that normal fish are also able to breath air since you have seen feeder fish gasping for air at the water surface. That is different actually. Feeder fish look like they are breathing air when air supply is low but actually what they are doing is taking in the water right at the water surface because those water right at the top has the most dissolved oxygen. In overcrowded conditions, this layer of oxygenated water is very very thin, like a flim. When fish try to take in this water they go right to the top, looking like breathing air.

The less aggressive fighting fish is called 'forest betta', followed by imbellis, followed by plakats.

Fighting fish that have zagged fins looking like the crowns of kings, they are called crowntail bettas.

Fighting fish that can open their tail fin to verticle like half a circle, they are called halfmoon. Those that can open their fin to more than verticle into an obtuse angle are called fullmoon bettas.

Males have longer fins than females. Sometimes people get confused when they see the long tail fin they subconsciously look at it like a dress and think they are females. Actually those are males! (In fact, most fish species have males looking more beautiful and colourful and with longer fins).



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