Silver Dollar


Silver Dollar Types

There are 3 types of silver dollars. One type is full silver, the most common type worldwide. A rarer type is the spotted silver dollar which looks exactly the same as the normal silver dollar except that there are many dark spots on the body. The last type is the most rare, the red-heart silver dollar. It looks like a normal silver dollar except there is a red marking on the side of the body like how the bleeding heart tetra has a red mark on its body.


Silver Dollar Behavior

Silver dollars are hardy fish and they eat anything hungrily. Due to this, plus their ability to swim at fast speeds, they make excellent tank mates for predator fish in a large tank with good swimming area. In a small tank, they will dash left and right when spooked, in turn causing confusion and panic to fellow tank inhabitants.

Be careful not to house them in your beautiful planted tank, because they will treat your planted tank as a salad bar.



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