Snakehead fish ( channa )


Types of Snakeheads

There are many types of snakehead fish in the aquarium hobby. This is due to their aggressive predatory nature and nice patterns. A snakehead fish will attack any fish that can fit into its mouth. If hungry enough, bigger specimens will just grab a chunk off any fish bigger than itself. Snakeheads not only have a head that looks like a snake, they eat like a snake too. If fed large frogs, you can see how its body can stretch to accomodate the food, much like that of a python!

One of the most attractive species of snakeheads is the Rainbow Snakehead (Channa Bleheri). It stays small and will not outgrow typical home aquariums. For this reason, it is also widely called 'Dwarf Snakehead'. It also have very nice patterns on its body and fins, more colourful than the average snakehead.

While snakeheads are hardy and can reproduce in large numbers, it is not banned in most places that where people regard them as food fish. For this reason, they can never have a population boom in such regions because there is no shortage of people happy catch and eat them, keeping their population under control.


Water Conditions

Snakeheads are hardy fish and are highly adaptable. Their only weakness in home aquariums is fungus. Somehow they can get get fungus very easily even in water of good conditions. Once they get fungus, they are hard to treat and can quickly become inactive and eventually die from refusing to eat.



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