Basics of Fishkeeping

This section covers the basic aspects of aquarium fishkeeping. This information is tailored for beginner aquarists or people wishing to take up this hobby. However, even experienced fishkeepers may find some new tidbits of interesting information within so maybe don't skip this section just yet!


Setup and Equipment

One of the first decisions you have to make is the size of your fish tank, whether it is going to be made of glass or acrylic. They all have their pros and cons!

Fish Tank Considerations


Freshwater or Marine?

If you have not decided on what fish to keep, one of the main decisions you have to make in your fishkeeping hobby is to decide on going into freshwater or saltwater aquaria.

This is an article that highlights the main differences between the two, and helps you to decide...

Differences between Marine Aquarium and Freshwater Aquarium


Adding Fish to Tank

You already decided on the fish species you want. But how do you select which fish to bag? How many fish? and of course, you don't just dump them into your tank when you reach home (er well with some species you can, but lets assume you have delicate, exotic, expensive fish or you just want to make things a little easier for them after their ardous journey from the fish shop to your home).

Adding Fish to Tank


Aquarium Cycling

This is something that every fishkeeper should know by heart, and im not kidding! A cycled tank is a must if you want your fish to be healthy and active in the long run. well, it is a must unless your hobby is not fishkeeping but water changing.

Cycling your aquarium to solve the fish waste problem naturally


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