Bullfrogs is also another nutritious food that is also eaten by humans in many parts of the world. Bullfrogs can grow to very large sizes although those sold as feeders for fish are young bullfrogs (although they are relatively a lot larger than most feeders).

Unless you have a very big fish, it is unlikely to eat more than a few bullfrogs at one go. To keep bullfrogs alive, you have to put them with water just enough to keep their stomach wet. Daily water change is necessary, although the best is to change water for them at least twice a day- once in the morning and once at night. Water change is really easy if you keep them in those PET plastic aquariums that comes with a tight fittling lid with air ventilation holes. Simply keep the lid tightly closed during water change.

step 1: put container under running tap and slighty flood it.

step 2:give the whole container some good shakes so the water swirls around inside to give the bullfrogs a good shower.

step 3:turn the whole container upside down for the water to drain out

step 4: repeat from step 1 if necessary

step 5: fill up water slightly so that the bullfrogs do not have their heads submerged underwater.

That's it!

Note: If you hear the bullfrog make a weird sound (like crying sound) do not be alarmed! It is not a ghost or an enchanted prince. Bullfrogs occasionally make that sound when fed and many people has heard it. Strangely, some people never ever encounted it in their whole history of feeding bullfrogs to their predator fish.



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