Feeder Shrimp


Feeder Shrimp

Feeder shrimps are readily eaten by all fish big enough to eat them. They are especially good for bottom ambushers fish like larger gobys.

There is no need to quarantine feeder shrimp because if they have a disease, who batches of them will die at the shrimp farm even before they get packed. Unlike fish, they don't get more and more sick before they die. If they get sick, they die almost immediately in mass numbers giving no warnings to the breeder.

If you find some dead shrimps in a bag of shrimps, they have probably died due to predation from fellow shrimps. If you want to keep them alive, store them in as large tank as possible and as low density as possible with plenty of aeration and water change.

The best strategy is to feed them all to your fish when you get them back home.



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