Feeder Snakeheads


Feeder Snakehead (aka Feeder Toman)


Feeder snakeheads is one of the most nutritious feeder fish you can feed. Snakehead meat is not only low in fat and nutritious, it is also believed to have special healing properties. In fact, if you are recovering from an injury or operation and you go see a chinese physician chances are you will be recommended to eat snakehead meat!

Feeder snakeheads are actually very young fish. If you have ever bred fish then you know how fragile newly born fry are. In fact, even with good water conditions it is normal to have some fish fry die on you! Well, snakehead fry is a little more tough than the fry of fish like discus or bettas due to their relatively larger size, however they are still very fragile. In fact, in nature, they are still schooling with their parents at that age! Therefore, you should quickly feed them to your fish as soon as possible. There is likely to be moderate casualities if you try to keep them over a prolonged period unless you take very good care of them and make sure they are eating and not fighting and the water condition is in check (they can produce a lot of waste that can quickly foul the water).




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